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Yeah there is a reason -- to shield people in the FBI from accountability for breaking the law -- including collusion in murder.
What does this alleged collusion in murder have to do with sealed transcripts of tapes? Do you even know what the tapes are, what they contain, and who ordered the audio surveillance and why?

Here it is:

The Kennedy brothers were worried about MLK's continued contact with leaders of the Communist underground and warned him about it. MLK essentially gave them the finger and continued. Bobby ordered electronic surveillance due to this, which confirmed their concerns and also revealed MLK's serial adulteries. MLK had been threatening to "visit fire and brimstone on the FBI" but at the point when the tapes were played to him by Hoover himself, magically became very docile.

They already had dirt on him, so why kill him?

What we don't know is what else the tapes contain such as implications toward other active people in Washington.

Refer to the Ludington Daily News of Feb. 15, 1977 regarding when and why the tapes were put under 50 year seal.

It's no wonder, with MLK's close associations with the CPUSA that China decided to finance the big fancy new MLK statue.

Suffice it to say that if the Nazi Party paid for some dude's statue, it would raise questions. It should here, too.

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