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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
Gaffney, get a grip. You're spouting nonsense again.

Another of your NIST rants and distortion of the scientific facts.

There was no mystery to the eutectic mixture found at WTC7. It's only a mystery to Troofers as they circle jerk around the same discredited theories and fabricated mysteries.

This is well known and proven science, not a fairy tale of troofer weirdness.

Here's an explanation that you probably won't understand as it isn't in "Trooferspeak."
You are an idiot.

You posted the solid work of the scientists who produced the FEMA paper -- documenting the eutectic phenomenon. So far so good.

Then you post an interpretation of their work by some disinfo site --- which is total BS. No way the gypsum magically did what they claim. Hogwash.

I suggest you email the three materials scientists themselves and ask them to explain the significance of what they found in their own words. The contact info is given at the link you posted.

You will discover that they stand by what they wrote in the FEMA paper that you failed to read. They cannot explain the phenomenon n terms of the official story.

The eutectic phenomenon is consistent with the use of thermate -- a type of thermite. The addition of sodium lowers the melting point of steel -- which greatly speeds up the reaction.

The debunking 9/11 site you keep citing is pure disinfo.

It's so typical. Stupid Americans will believe anything that affirms their beliefs -- allowing them to hold onto their precious comfort zone.

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