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Originally Posted by Broncomutt View Post
Not that I thought the OP would arrive in Jordan and start bad mouthing the regime, just wanted to point out that while it is a liberal, western thinking government, there is heavy censorship.

As for Istanbul, it's a 3 city trip across the ancient Roman empire (4 days Rome, 3 days Athens, 3 days Istanbul). I really like history and architecture, so I will probably just stay in the cities. I'm told all three cities are best to visit in April/May.

I only mentioned it because a few years ago I wouldn't have thought about visiting a predominitely Muslim country on vacation, but the trip to Palestine and Egypt really changed my perspective.
Hey, it's all good! Yes, if there is a King in a country. Don't ever talk negative about him in public. Good rule of thumb for any traveller out there.

How are you getting from city to city? Do you have a set time because I'm looking at your dates for each city. I would recommend fitting Florence in there if you can(high speed train both ways). Also, what about the Greek Isles? Check out this island if you can fit it in.

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