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Originally Posted by Bigdawg26 View Post
I'm ok with Big Vick and Wolfe starting at DT and Ayers and Doom starting at DE's (with Doom, Von, Ayers, and Wolfe on passing downs). I wouldn't mind bringing in another big DT and pass rusher DE for depth but it's not a big need. I would say we need an actual MLB and a Play making safety to improve our D. Brookings can't do it for another year and like I said in my previous post we need a game changer at safety. I would like to see those with the first two picks.
we can't get a consistent pass rush in key situations outside of Von and the Ravens figured out how to stop that for the most part.
we have to get a upgrade at DT who can force double teams and free up the LB's and and DE's.

we definitely need a stud MLB too. but the DT is critical. every MLB will tell you that the key for them is the DT's allowing them to be free and read the play.
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