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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Do me a favor though, do not place your opinion so much on physical assets. Way too many people uses the objective physical measures as a place to start in the evaluation process. You care way too much about arm length because some evaluators think it actually matters technique wise. In the trenches, its all about mentality. In fact, at the professional level, its all about mentality.

It is not simply good enough to be physically gifted, you have to apply that gift on the field. The best predictor of future performance is simply past performance. If the player could not win in college, he is not going to suddenly develop in the pros.

Case in point is your fascination with defending Rahim Moore. You keep saying he improved dramatically this year as a FS, when he really only improved as a tackler. And even then, he had some real headscratcher moments as the season went on.

He is not a good deep coverage safety right now after 2 full seasons in the NFL, because he has never learned the right technique to play the deep ball. People could not get the ball deep on DEN for most of the year because they feared the pass rush. However, he still had some real poor technique on film when you watch him. He does not do the little things right and occasionally, he does everything wrong like he did in the Playoff game with his total disregard of how to play that situation.

Moore has all the physical tools to play Safety at this level, but he has a real poor mentality and I am not comfortable at all having him play FS. It is not like he makes up for those errors with big plays.

Go deeper with your evaluations. Watch them execute technique in big games if you can. See if they show up when it matters, and not just dominate stats against lesser competition.

In know you care about the draft and I know you spend a ton of time on it. Just try and go deeper please. In the end, its all you can really do to be original in your asessements.
In the end, my main emphasis in player evaluation is based on past production. Arm length is actually the last thing I look at (after production, after the visual test, and after other physical measurables) is, however, an important part of the evaluation process that cannot be ignored.

There are two reason's why I have defended Moore (though not as defiantly as you would suggest):

1. He's only 22
2. He showed dramatic improvement in 12 months

While I agree, the Broncos need a playmaker at Safety, it would hurt to throw away such a high draft pick so quickly. If the Broncos chose Matt Elam, and moved Mike Adams to FS, I would be perfectly fine with that. I have been advocating moving Champ to SS, because I am concerned about the teams ability to stop TE's and their ability to stop the run out of Nickel personnel (according to recent news...that's not happening this offseason).

In fact, drafting a Safety may be the single most impactful thing that the FO can do to improve this team in the offseason. I do not watch 1/100 of the film that you and other's on this board do. Nor am I privy to what goes on behind the coaches doors in Dove Valley. I do however, know a couple things:

1. John Fox said that Champ would NOT be moving to Safety this offseason.
2. The team must make a decision on DJ Williams before the draft.

This indicates the probability of a couple things to me:
1. The Broncos likely won't be picking a CB in round 1.
2. It's somewhat likely that picking a 1st round MLB will be ruled out before the draft.

If that's the case, the next highest area of concern is Safety...and this draft is deep in them. Matt Elam or Eric Reid (in that order) would be right up our alley.

I could live with wasting the #36 overall pick in 2011...but it would hurt.

Another thing, regarding my generic evaluations...the reality is, I haven't had time to evaluate everyone in the draft, nor do I intend to. I also don't watch much NFL Football other than the Broncos. While you may know the ins and outs of all top 100 prospects in the draft by now, I'll pick out a few guys I want the Broncos to draft (based on my criteria...not someone else's) as we approach the draft. After all, it's only January. However, I do like to join in the discussion...even though I am fairly uninformed compared to you and some other posters (at this point in the process). I don't purchase the All-22 video, but I do use my HDHomeRun to record each game, and watch each one a few times. Unfortunately Rahim Moore is almost always off the screen. If he plays poor technique in deep-center field, I would never know it. He has improved his tackling technique dramatically in 2012, so that's all I have to go off of. He seems like he is taking the right mental approach, I like his accountability, and he has all the physical tools to succeed. He also had 10 INT's in college, so we know he has ability in coverage. With the Milus firing, my guess is the secondary hasn't been getting the best coaching. Still, I couldn't believe it when Moore missed that play.

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