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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
This. It's happening here as well over the Pats. People saying they need to blow the whole thing up when they were a few crappy drives away from appearing in yet another SB.
Absolutely! I liked the scheme and the performance of the defense this year, but the 2 most needed postions are MLB and S and then DT. DT is not a playmaking position in this scheme like the one gap attacking schemes who need an elite 3 tech to draw Double teams. The DT's are role players and the Edge rushers are the playmakers. The Scheme funnels inside out so the outside players are available to make plays.

The problem is really on the back end not being able to hold up downfield if the pass rush is not right there immediately. There is NO WAY the secondary should get beat deep rushing 4. All of the deep balls in the playoff game were rush 4 or less. No way you let those WR's get behind you having 7 to cover. Bad coaching and even worse execution.
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