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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
A lot of you guys in this thread are trying to fix that game or even that one play at the end of regulation by thinking some free agent or draft pick would have changed things like it's going to happen that way again.

Here's the reality. We led the league in sacks, and while Miller's production had a lot to do with it, the reality is many of our games he'd get one or two and everyone else got the other four, five or six sacks spread out.

Pass rush isn't a problem. We need more strength at the POA inside and better speed at linebacker, particularly in the middle and some help in the secondary. I will concede that the OP suggests the safeties could use some upgrading.

However basing what this team needs on one game where we played bad all over is just more emotional reaction to the loss and not based on reality.
While I agree, there are weaknesses or lack of depth on this team that were apparent the entire season. Safety and MLB specifically were a constant shuffle. We can't rely on Jim Leonard, Mike Adams and Keith Brooking going forward and there is great opportunity to upgrade their positions.
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