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Originally Posted by driver View Post
Don't worry about Minter rising IMO it's good riddance. I saw some of his play in a few games this year he impressed me as much as Te'o did. Which was not at all.

I've learned not to buy into the hype the so called experts put out about players. I got burned bad on Aaaron Curry a couple of years ago.
I'm just sick of the Broncos losing value in the draft by trading down. It was worse with Xanders (one year we lost the equivalent of a 2nd round draft pick)...but it seems like Elway, Fox, and Matt Russell continue to do the same thing. This is a deep team, late round draft picks will have trouble making it...there just aren't enough spots. I would much rather the Bronco give up a 4th to trade up into the high 20's to get their guy...than trading down into the 2nd round for a marginal player. I wanted Wolfe last year, so I'm glad they picked him...wouldn't count on them striking gold twice. Like I said, they need starters, not back-ups. They got lucky with Wolfe because he played for Cincinatti...but other teams were hot on his trail (NE, Pitt, Balt).

As far as Minter goes...I get your point. He's not the flashiest player in the world, or the most fiery leader. I would rather restructure DJ. However, Minter gets the job done, and had to work with a brand new LB corps on the LSU Defense this year. They never won the big game, but Minter finished the year with 130 tackles, rarely whiffed, and generally played well. At first glance, I didn't like him...but if you take a closer look, he's actually one of the better MLB prospects to come out over the last 5 years. If he runs less than 4.65 at the combine, I wouldn't mind if the Broncos drafted him...but a lot depends on DJ's situation. The other guy would be Reddick...a somewhat raw playmaker who has issues with whiffs that may or may not be able to be corrected. If Te'o cannot run in the 4.6's I would be surprised to see him go in the top 25, which is what I've been saying here for a few months.

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