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Originally Posted by g6matty View Post
we have packages where we bring in a 3rd safety because our linebackers are so putrid in coverage i dont see how this guy isnt an easy solution for our team. i cant fathom how we can get by with guys like brooking and mays at MLB and go top 5 in run defense, but complain a young stud cant step in and do just as good if not better job while increasing the pass defense drastically.

and to answer bmore's question about trading up. idk i think we will have to when its all said and done with the combine he should destroy
You aren;t following though. We were top 5 in run defense partially due to scheme and partially due to the fact that the MLB's we do have are stout against the run. Their liability is in coverage. Ogletree may improve the coverage part, but then creates a new weakness against the run. That is why so many of us are advocating Minter (or Teo). Ogletree hasn't proven to be any better in coverage than those two, but he is less stout against the run.

you see what I'm saying? We can improve the pass defense, while still having a good run defense with Minter, but would potentially sacrifice the run defense to improve the Pass defense with Ogletree (unless he puts on some weight and gets stronger).
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