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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Yeah, I don't think Irving is the answer at MLB. He hasn't shown me anything really. He's had his chances and hasn't show much at all. IMO he's not much better then Mays. He's out of position often and doesn't tackle all that great. Definitely think we need to draft a nice MLB. It's been forever since we've had an AL Wilson type of guy shoring up the middle for us.

If there is something I think the 2 teams in the Superbowl have in common is that they both have really good LB's pretty much in all positions. I like Woody and Von but we need the other piece. Thought DJ could be that guy but I haven't really seen much from him since his return.

Our weakness is definitely right up the middle, from DT, to MLB, to Safety. TE's killed us, so did lack of pressure up the middle and eventually deep down the field. We need a DT, MLB and a Safety.
Here is the biggest issue with our roster. Linebackers account for 13,954,082 million dollars of our cap from last year. That makes LB's the second highest paid group of our defense. Of our 4 major starters Woodyard, Travathan, Brooking, and Miller they accounted for just 7.649 million dollars of that number. That means the back ups accounted for 6,305,082 million dollars.

Now with the scheme we run we can cut DJ and Mays and still really only need one more starting LB because we need to replace Brooking at MLB. Cutting DJ and Mays saves about 10 million dollars give or take. All but one starting LB is under contract next year and the three starters account for 8,243,000 dollars. Depth still has Steven Johnson at 484,000 and Nate Irving at 728,725. That brings our total to 9,455,725 million with 4,498,357 to spare.

Drafting a MLB at most would cost us 1,200,000 for this season. Which is a possibility given who is a FA this year. Pretty sure that cap money is separate as well.

Also unless we change schemes I don't see Denver spending much more then the 3,505,000 on its rotation of DT's.

Sorry for the long read.
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