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it means that an "expert opinion" is a fallacious argument if there is no consensus among these "experts," or in what defines an "expert" or "Authority."

That's why you rarely see someone say: "Person A thinks like me, therefor I am right."

You like Ogletree, that's fine, defend that with your opinion and observations, not someone elses.
we have packages where we bring in a 3rd safety because our linebackers are so putrid in coverage i dont see how this guy isnt an easy solution for our team. i cant fathom how we can get by with guys like brooking and mays at MLB and go top 5 in run defense, but complain a young stud cant step in and do just as good if not better job while increasing the pass defense drastically.

and to answer bmore's question about trading up. idk i think we will have to when its all said and done with the combine he should destroy
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