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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Bigdawg26 View Post
One of the most overrated defensive players in the draft. He's got size and speed, but he can't tackle and can't shed blocks well (like DJ Williams was when he was playing MLB). I dunno if he and the rest of the UGA defenders were mainly interested in going their stats up or what but that whole defense sucked as a unit. Besides your MLB doesn't need to cover a linebacker your Outside backers do. I would much rather Minter who could come up and stuff the run as oppose to him. But given all that I would much rather see us get a safety that can cause turnovers or change the game with our first pick. Either by intercepting the ball like an Ed Reed or Earl Thomas or by knocking a defender out like an Gholston or Pollard.
One of our linebackers is essentially a DE, so no. Another coverage LB is glaringly our biggest need.
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