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A healthy Moreno would have made a HUGE difference.
Once he went down, there was absolutely NO BLITZ PICK UP by Ball, which when they tried for 1 play, was one of the most embarassing plays i've ever seen in Bronco history, and Hillman, as good as he ran, was useless as well, and just is not big enough to stop opposing blitzers.
Manning was completely handcuffed because of this, and suddenly the passing game disappeared.
DEN needs to draft a RB like Stephan Taylor (STAN) BAD.
Yeah, a stout young pair of legs is a top-2 priority for me (next to MLB) We can't count on KM or Willis to make it through a game at this point. Who knows how Willis will look next year anyway. We don't have time to mess around with another 30 year old free agent.
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