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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Right, the secondary got "torched" in large part because there was no pressure on Flacco. Can't give a good QB a clean pocket and all day to throw like that. Go back and compare/contrast to the regular season game where we actually bothered Flacco a little bit. No, the coverage wasn't good, but would have looked a hell of a lot better with some help from the front 7. But you already know all this, or should, so I'm not sure what the argument is.
You want some pressure? You want to put the QB on the ground?

Cover the open ****ing man for 3+ seconds. Playoff QBs will find the open man... there's your disparity.

In the 6 games played against teams with winning records, Denver sacked the QB 2.5x per game (5 of which coming against one opponent, drastically raising the ave).

In the other games, 3.8x per game.

Hmmm... what could possibly be causing this disparity...

Btw, also against winning teams: 13TDs to 3INTs by opposing QBs. Over 60% completion and roughly 80 ypg to TEs.

Get this "OMG WE OBVI NEED A PASSRUSHER!" bull**** out of here/
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