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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Hulamau View Post

A middleLB either in Nate Irving if he can continue to improve, but more likely from another draft pick or FA is a must and two more solid Dline prospects split between a top 3 round draft pick and a solid FA.
Yeah, I don't think Irving is the answer at MLB. He hasn't shown me anything really. He's had his chances and hasn't show much at all. IMO he's not much better then Mays. He's out of position often and doesn't tackle all that great. Definitely think we need to draft a nice MLB. It's been forever since we've had an AL Wilson type of guy shoring up the middle for us.

If there is something I think the 2 teams in the Superbowl have in common is that they both have really good LB's pretty much in all positions. I like Woody and Von but we need the other piece. Thought DJ could be that guy but I haven't really seen much from him since his return.

Our weakness is definitely right up the middle, from DT, to MLB, to Safety. TE's killed us, so did lack of pressure up the middle and eventually deep down the field. We need a DT, MLB and a Safety.
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