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Bradley Roby

ELway will follow the formula that led to back to back SB wins .. we are already beginning to rewrite that script almost to a 'T' with season #1!

Add a definite improvement at the thunder RB spot for a mainstay with a backup capable of holding his own and keeping the O on track should RB1 go down for any length of time. Include a beefed -up Hillman as the speed burner with a full offseason and camp under his belt with Peyton in year 2 and I expect to see major improvements from him with 12 to 15 touches a game in both the run and play action/screen pass game. Just not counting on him being a major pass protect guy for Peyton.

Shore up the secondary and find Champs replacement in the draft, though Champ should be fine at CB for one more year before any consideration of him movign to Safety happened. He had one bad half this year, unfortunately at the wrong time, but he basically shut down Smith in the second half after adjustments.

A middleLB either in Nate Irving if he can continue to improve, but more likely from another draft pick or FA is a must and two more solid Dline prospects split between a top 3 round draft pick and a solid FA.

Adding in a few backup Oline guys that are a good fit and another real solid slot guy to trade off with Stoke and we are good to go all the way.
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