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Originally Posted by elibroncofan View Post
I have been advocating welker for a while. Big issue with the offense in the playoff game was getting the short passing game working, guys were having trouble getting open. Welker can get open better than stokley.

I think the broncos have enough cap room to resign their bigs, as well as nab a coupe marquee guys in free agency. Welker and a guy like william moore at safety would shore up a lot offensively and defensively.

Middle linebacker is a need but I just don't see who they fill it with. Tight end could be better, I think dreessen is just average.
with less than 40 players under contract for 2013.. knowing we have to get to 53 plus all those that wind up on IR, all of which have to fit under the salary cap.. since we only have 18.5 mil as we speak to sign all of these guys about 20 (13+, plus an average 7 guys on IR).. just how are you going to afford a couple of marque guys?
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