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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
Over the last Christmas, I had a dawning moment when I realized I was taking from my family's long term future to continue to help dig my parents out of their own hole. Everytime I give them money, it's not going into a fund for a home or my kid's college fund. They just keep screwing up despite my best efforts so I'm done trying to help them.

I'm at the same point with Americans. I love the idea of America and Americans but until they learn the hard lessons on their own, there's nothing that can be done. Without connections, one man can't affect change. I'll try my damnedest to ensure my family always has food on the table and a shelter over their head but trying to convince people their political views are taking America down the wrong path... that's never going to accomplish anything.

Only when the world is turned upside down will people stop and actually care about anything.
Had the same thing pretty much happen.. But then I decided after putting my kids through private schools and college, to stop spending any money that was not necessary and put it away.. Paid off the houses early(by doubling up the mortgage payments), tore up the credit cards except one that is paid off each month IF anything goes on it.

Pretty much pay cash for everything.. If I could not afford it (cash in the checking account) we did not buy it.. Period..

The cars are paid for, houses remodeled and zero debt and now life is good living off of those investments made earlier in life....

My only concern is if nobama can restrain himself and his spending before we hit 20 trillion dollars. and the dollar turns to crap..
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