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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Oakfor is so complete and he flys off the radar. But here's my issue.. If you take Oakfor we lose that size off the strong side. This would mean our DTs would have to be disruptive and our LBs physical.. I'm also not sure how our scheme would work with Oakfor at SDE..

I was hoping Williams would be there in the third for us.. But we may have to take him in the second..I guess we will see soon enough.
If you take a two gapping DT off LDE, then Von Miller can't rush nearly as often, which would be incredibly dumb. If they chose to continue to try and rush Miller, we'd be gashed by the run. If they chose to then bring a safety up to help against that, we'd be gashed by play action and a single high safety look.

The only way to maximize Von Miller is to run a 34 defense or run the quasi-scheme we run now. You can't effectively play a traditional 43 and rush your SAM LB every snap.
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