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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
One of those 4 should be there @28..not sure Oakfor is an option unfortunately..
I would actually rather trade back and acquire picks in this draft, it is very deep with talent. I see Buffalo as the perfect trade partner. They may panic and move back into the first for Nassib. If we are lucky enough we will add a second and some other picks.. Maybe a third. Having two second and third round picks would be great!
It's a nice idea (trading back), because there are so many underclassman in this draft (73 or something like that), but the Broncos have been losing value trading back every year for 4 straight years now.

They NEED to get two starters with their first two picks. They didn't do it last year...and have holes that MUST be filled. Not sure how the stack-up looks right now, but trading out of the 1st round isn't going to help us. Our 4th rounders last year shouldn't even have made the team (Blake and Bolden), and there is even less holes to fill this offseason.

I do kinda like your idea, but I don't trust the FO to get real value with a trade back. Plus, if you're just trading back to pick up an extra 3rd rounder, you would have to drop 10-15 spots...which puts you in the realm of players with flaws. If you could get the right guy in the 3rd, it might be worth it...but that's difficult to find, and even more difficult acquire.

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
I don't think I'm a great scheme guy to ask that question. I don't think he would play the same position as Big Vick. I think you could be alright with Wolfe, Short, Vick, and Doom as the front four.

Don't sleep on Sheldon Richardson from DT. I think he compares to Tyson Alualu
Yeah, you're right about Kawann Short, listed as 6'032" 308...I have him slotted at NT, but if JDR plans to keep Wolfe in the J.J. Watt role, then Short would be a good replacement for Justin Bannan. at UT. I thought he was closer to 320 lbs.

I think Sheldon Richardson will definitely be gone by the Broncos pick...he reminds me of Fletcher Cox somewhat.

BTW, our boy Kevin Minter is the #1 HOT Riser on NFLDraftScout...not good news for us.
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