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Demaryius and Decker will deserve raises if they perform at optimum levels next season. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos consider allocating whatever resources they can in the extensions of one, if not both of them this off-season. They will have that additional rollover which translated into some decent cap space. We have contracts that could be shed from players who were injured, suspended or outplayed by other people. I still think extending Clady is prime.

I just don't see adding a profile player like Welker as our highest priority this off-season. Would I love to have Wes Welker for a championship run? Yes. Just not sure if we allocate our resources that way. I wonder if Stokes stays around for another year. I certainly think that we can do much better in our passing attack than Willis or Caldwell can offer as #4 and #5 guys. Get a guy in the draft.
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