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Football Outsiders also noticed that tender foot Brady needs a clean pocket to be a faux GOAT:

Mike Kurtz: The Ravens also did a very good job getting pressure on Brady when he did try to go long, and he was feeling it. Near the end of the game (the play before the interception, I believe) you could see Brady throwing an intermediate route and trying to shield himself as he's throwing it against a defender that was clearly not going to get there. The best way to beat the Patriots has always been to unsettle Brady, and despite the rather unimpressive rush numbers on paper, the Ravens did a great job getting into his head.

Aaron Schatz: I don't think they really did until the end of the game, though. Certainly not in the first half, and not much in the third quarter either.

Danny Tuccitto: Saw a stat from ESPN last night that said Kaepernick led the league in lowest "inaccurate throw" percentage, which I confirmed in the charting for incompletions they gave us. I bring this up because, in answering the question, "How did the best offense in the NFL just score 13 points at home against a mediocre defense?" I can't help but focus on how many inaccurate throws Brady made tonight. I know there were several drops and batted balls, but I can't remember the last time I saw him miss so many open guys. Obviously, the game-ending interception was a glaring underthrow, but there were plenty of others that killed New England (IIRC, Shane Vereen would still be running if Brady didn't throw it behind him on a dumpoff with 11 minutes left).
This is why Elway, Favre, and even Manning should be ranked higher then Brady. Those don't have need a clean pocket to perform and carry their teams to victory. Brady is Drew Bledsoe 2.0

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