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Bmore Manning

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Do you think he would be an immediate upgrade over Vickerson? Sounds like he is to me...I bet he's pretty strong considering his production.

I think the Broncos are going to have to trade up to #20-#22 to get their guy, whether it's Minter, Short, Rhodes, Okafor (or whomever).

They should easily be able to do it by packaging a 4th rounder (just like the Patriots did last year). I doubt they have enough draft savvy to pull it off, though.
One of those 4 should be there @28..not sure Oakfor is an option unfortunately..
I would actually rather trade back and acquire picks in this draft, it is very deep with talent. I see Buffalo as the perfect trade partner. They may panic and move back into the first for Nassib. If we are lucky enough we will add a second and some other picks.. Maybe a third. Having two second and third round picks would be great!
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