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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
For the nth time, Champ isn't moving to safety. He had one bad game, and so did many others on the team. Now he shut down Torrey smith in the regular season by allowing only 14 yards.

Compounding Champs bad play was the fact that this defense got zero pressure on Flacco. You are asking alot of your secondary to shut down recievers when Flacco isn't under pressure throughout the game. This defense had 52 sacks for the year with doom and Von managing to get half a sack apiece in a playoff game. Not only did the front seven fail to generate pressure, it also failed to stop the run. Front seven is equally as responsible for this cluster****.

Bottom line is, nobody really showed up for this game. I don't see Champ moving to Safety but possibly a scheme change where he isn't on an island anymore. You move Champ to safety and you have another hole to fill, plus you have the highest paid safety in the league. Not good asset management from a talent and financial standpoint.

This, you can't just leave Champ on an Island anymore, but how many teams actually have a corner that you can? Because of the necessity of having more deep help, I think a safety upgrade is a must. I actually think Moore will grow and get better, but we could upgrade either safety spots. MLB is a huge glaring hole that needs filled and has to be done as we have to be able to (1) stop the run with the front 7 and (2) improve coverage on TE in the base and nickle packages. After those two areas of need, beef up front.

On offense, I see Virgil Green making a big leap next year as a matchup nightmare. At RB we are actually fairly deep, but with little star power. Not sure what to do there, but Moreno, McGahee and Hilman are all good, but none are game breakers. Would like some more depth at WR as beyond Thomas and Decker there isn't much.
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