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Again, the Afghanis have a few decades of experience in fighting asymmetric war, lots more better weapons, and a safe haven in Pakistan. The same cannot be said of Americans.

Chances are that the rebels would be painted as traitors and anti-American subversives. There may be a few holdouts here and there, but they wouldn't pose any serious threat to a tyrannical regime.
A truly tyrannical regime would have far more people resisting than the few thousand hard core and military-grade-level armed Taliban fighters. This is evidenced by the fact that most of our casualties in Afghanistan come from opportunistic IEDs, not from direct engagement.

In that case, you better push to rescind the current gun control laws, to put us on a more-even footing with our potential overlords.

Sad, though, that you think our democracy is a fragile sham. Why?
Democracy isn't the goal. Never was. Freedom was the goal. Our founders viewed pure democracy as a potential danger in and of itself. Which is why they structured a Federal Republic designed to reign in some of the worst excesses of it. Democracy is not the same as freedom. They valued individual liberty far more than any form of pure democracy. See Federalists 9 and 10. This is a common mistake in modern progressivism. Checking boxes on a ballot is not freedom. For every 51%, there's a 49.

What are your ideas to reduce the death toll we suffer from thanks to the use of guns? Any? Acceptable? The price of freedom?
I've pointed to many actions that would save far more lives than the current slate of proposals in DC. Yet you won't give explicit support to any. Do you care less?

I've said repeatedly, my personal issue isn't so much with the proposals but with the complete lack of reasoning behind them. There is a certain segment of our population that simply don't view arms as a right, or a priority, and so to them it's "free" to force others to give them up. So it becomes their low-hanging fruit. An easy first priority.

Truth be told, this is a terrible example of exactly the kind of factionism the antifederalists predicted would be our eventual downfall.
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