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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Both Winners of yesterdays games shut out the home team in the second half. Yes, that is right, the visiting teams shut out the HOME teams in the second half yesterday.

I was very happy with what happened defensively this year, but absolutely not happy with the defensive performance in the playoff game. I have rewatched the game several times and the defense played almost as bad as the infamous 2006 AFCCG implosion after playing fantastic for most of the year.

This concerns me, because our personnel was beaten 1 on 1 way too often against BAL. The Scheme, halftime adjustments, and playcalling were great all year but were terrible in the playoff game. I really believe this is why Ron Milus was let go, but lets hope the new guy gets the message.

I really want to see a better gameplan and adjustments on Defense in the playoffs next year. DEN got abused against an AVERAGE BAL offense. They gave up 5 explosive plays in that game when they gave up only 5 the second half of the season. They were situationally poorly prepared and executed like a team that was wildly inconsistent, not a top 5 defense.

I like DEN's chances next year, I really do. However, that kind of coaching performance can not be repeated.
This is a yearly argument around here. Every year, the usual "it's an offensive league now" chant is thrown around, and every year the team that can step up defensively in the playoffs seems to be the one that makes it to the dance.
(Holding the Pats to 13 points is a stellar playoff performance.)

Like in 2005 when our defense laid down against the Steelers, our defense gave up 28 points against a Ravens offense that had not been particularly explosive as of late. But, like in 2005... the conversation around here after we lost was about what the quarterback did wrong.

The bottom line is that no QB should be expected to overcome 35 point deficits in a playoff game. If that's how you're planning to win a SB, you're going to be very disappointed. Ask Drew Brees and Aaron Rogers about this fact. Or, just ask Peyton Manning.

I've been critical of our offensive play-calling in the game. No question we made mistakes. I also would point out that the big, mauler-type WR played a huge rule in the games this year. Boldin, Gonzales, Hernandez, etc. While I think our TEs played well, I wouldn't mind seeing us go after one of these big, Gronkowski-style apes that can get open and abuse LBs. I also would advocate actually using a Pro Bowl WR like Thomas when he's healthy and on the field in a playoff game.

But, it comes down to defense. We lost to the Ravens because of defensive lapses and a generally poor performance, the same reason we lost our last important playoff game. You have to have a defense that can keep you in a low scoring game, or a game where your QB makes mistakes like Manning did. If you don't have that defense, you're not going to a Superbowl 95% of the time.
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