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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
So I guess you hate Manning also for his dink and dunk offense.
We don't throw near as many screens or plays to the LOS as NE.

Their O is built around the passing game as a long handoff looking for the 4-8 yard gains hoping to bring the D in so they can attack deeper.

We are the other way around, pushing down field in the 8-20 yard or more range using the run game to keep D's honest.

Both Decker and DT have had big time downfield chunks and long TD's. Had Decker not fallen down and DT not dropped the ball we should have had 2 more long TD's.

All teams utilize the short pass but NE is built around quick fast break plays trying to get a guy in space gaining YAC off making guys miss. Look at all the crossing routes NE ran last night.

Manning went to check down routes a lot vs Ravens but those were not designed as 1st options. We were a much more dink and dunk team when mCd was here as he brought the Belly system with him.
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