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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Okay, I've adopted a new technique ... not a conventional wisdom technique, but it does provide the most comfortable shaves I've ever had.
  • Heat the entire face with hot water as usual, leave lightly damp.
  • Apply an even layer of lotion over entire shave area. Better lotion is better of course, I use the better half's Nivea, pretty good.
  • Apply shave cream or gel directly over lotion. It's okay to mix them some.
  • Shave as usual

I can shave faster, closer, without the slightest irritation, burn, nothing at all. Started using this process almost a year ago, and it's worked so well for me that if there's no lotion, I have to get some before I shave.

Lotion step might not seem revolutionary, after all some gels have lotion in them, but it seemed strange to me at first ... thought the lotion would slow the blades or something, but there's no problems.

Try an old timey brush and mug with shaving soap in it, get the water nice and hot, later the brush up on your face making sure to push the wiskers away from your face. You can add lotion to the brush or mug if you want.

I have had the best and closest shaves with less irritation since I went back to a brush. Plus it is easier to clean the shaving cream doesn't get all over your hands and you don't end up washing it all down the drain. Plus the soap lasts a long time.
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