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Bradley Roby

Power Plates are a great fitness and health tool.

I have one made by their main competitor 3G-Cardio called the AVT- 6.0 its equivalent to the Power Plate My 7 but with two AC motors and a bit larger platform which comes in handy.

Here is what it brings to the table.

1. Its the ONLY way found so far to activate instantanously all three major muscle fibers types. Only highly trained athletes or major fitness work out warriors ever activate all three muscle fibers and only by doing a lot of varied exercise types and methods taking a long azz time.

2. It works by using Newton's Second Law to our benefit and creates instant muscle confusion by contracting and releasing each of those muscle fibers at a rate anywhere from 30 times to 50 times a second!

This leads to rapid muscle exhaustion in properly done positions or exercises while on the machine.

3. It dramatically increases blood flow and fine capillary perfusion feeding vital nutrients, hormones, amino acids and neurotransmitters to every cell in the body. As such, it helps both stimulate and improve delivery of these nutrients and anabolic hormones to muscle and other cells throughout the body which is a major advantage of this technology.

4. This blood circulation improvements are a big plus and why it has taken over a big role in injury rehabilitation as well as in successfully treating and healing burn victims and those with Diabetic ulcers and bed sores that have been slow to heal.

I've seen videos of people with chronic ulcerated open sores that would not heal get complete closure within 3 weeks of using the Power Plate technology!

5. Studies have shown it to provide excellent stimulation for new bone growth and strengthening helping to prevent and reverse to a decent degree osteopenia and osteoporosis.

6. It is the best, and one of the only, methods found so far to clinically improve endogenous Growth Hormone release in people over 55 without using injectable recombinant DNA HGH. It also helps improve Testosterone and DHEA as well.

7. Working out on these machines definitely increases balance and coordination, it tones the body, gives you an invigorating feeling for much of the day from increased blood flow after a work out ranging from as short at 15 mintues to 30 mintues max on up to longer workout combining different methods and tools!

8. It was invented by the Russians Space program to find away to keep their Cosmonauts in space as long as possible and was the prime reason they set the record for approx 420 days for decades while the US limit was around 125 to 140 days or so.

Not until the iron curtain came down did the secret get out to the west and was first adopted by Dutch Olympic trainers who went on to form Power Plate Company to further develop and market these machines.

For the last 15 years many studies have been done proving their value and currently they are a mainstay in nearly every NFL workout/training rooms, also Major League Baseball, the NBA, many pro golfers and their trainers and Olympic athletes of many sports have adopted their use.

Many top tier personal trainers and Elite athlete training facilities that most NFL and other sport athletes go to in off season mode and for draftees getting ready for the combine and their first pro season. These Elite training facilities nearly all swear by the Power Plate/3G Cardio technology as a keep to getting their cutting edge results with elite clients. has a wealth of info as does their Power Plate TV site you can access from their home site.

A word of Warning ... do NOT go for the cheaper 'teeter-totter' type of machines advertized as whole body vibration or advanced vibration technology. In which these machine rock mostly up and down and side in a see-saw fashion one side going up with the other side of theplatform goes down. too much of the energy of these type of machines get dissipated at the knees and hips.

No studies have shown that these cheaper and lighter teeter-totter type vibration machine to really work.

ONLY chose amount the top quality machines like the Power Plate which is the biggest company in the field or 3G-Cardio which is a newer competitor out of Phoenix AZ that make outstandign machines for a less cost than an equivalent Power Plate.

What ever machine you get look for one that has heavy plates (at least 200lbs and the heavier the better) and that has adjustable amplitude height from 1mm to 4mm in height and adjustable frequency of vibration from a low of 25hz to a maximum of 50hz that is adjustable in 1Hz increments.

The plates should be free to move in all planes but primarily the motion must be in an up and down motion where the whole plate moves up or down at once and not with teeter-totter style rocking from side to side.

It is the rapid motion against gravity followed by instantly dropping with gravity 30 to 50 times a second that creates the vital muscle confusion and over all body stimulation that you just cant easily get by any other single method and that results in all the benefits noted above.

This is the real deal and is endorsed by the top three personal training certification groups now as well.

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