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TJ Ward

I think we played a $hitty game along w/ refs giving us the screw job and cleanly won that game if not for Moore's stupidity in coverage. With that being said and critically looking at ourselves... the coaches absolutely $hit the pot and one can say that Manning choked as well. JDR/Fox/McCoy all got out of our comfort zones. You could tell on bunch plays by Baltimore that the defensive coverage did not know what they were doing. It burned us too. The play calls in that game displayed folks that were nervous. When compared to close games in the regular season, we played loose and called plays to win the game, like throws on 3rd and short. We didn't run on obvious running downs, and we didn't kneel on the ball.

I like where we are going but as Elway needed help in his later years by a great running game, we REALLY need to find a dependable back that can alter what defenses do against our pass game if we are going to take the next step. McGahee and Moreno were not dependable when the games were on the line. Hillman has some potential but limited upside IMO based on what he did last year. Lots of areas to improve but it was a good year overall. We let an amazing opportunity slip away. We had Baltimore down for the count and let them back into it.
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