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Afghanis have a lot more and a lot more powerful weaponry than yer typical gun-totin' 'Merkin. They also have decades of experience in asymmetrical warfare.

The Swiss take their RKBA seriously and responsibly. Of course, that means actual militia service, mandatory military service, and a token professional military. If the NRA and the other gun rights groups advocated those things, instead of just more guns in more hands in more places, they'd be more credible.
Please. Most estimates put the Taliban at a troop strength of around 40,000. Which by other estimates is made up of about 20% hard core jihadists with the rest just along for the ride because they had no real alternative, or at least any better opportunity to make a living.

In a full on civil insurrection in the US, you'd see many times that many people fighting with actual military background and training. In a nation 15 times the size.

Simply put, our military does not currently have anything resembling the means to impose its will on the US population by force. It's not even up for rational debate.
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