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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I guess when you know someone who got the shot and had a violent reaction to it, nearly died, then you are more skeptical of the 1 in 100 thousand claim.
Well, we know for sure now you are clueless about statistics -- but that's no shocker.

I'm not super trusting of doctors always because I deal with them a lot in lawsuits. The things I have read about or heard about are crazy. Also doctors will lie through their teeths to protect studies, drugs, hospitals and their careers. Not saying i think the flu shot is some sinister plot its not.
Once again, pointless rambling from you.

I do believe they feel its the best for the population as a whole. I'm just not sure it's a great idea for individuals who are young and at very little risk from the flu.
You're "just not sure" huh? Amazing argument. And again, vaccination is not just about the individual. It's about the population at large.

Also there are so many strains its sort of like a needle in a haystack approach.

Have they done any studies as to whether being innoculated for the wrong strain makes you more likely to not fight off some other strain? There are so many strains i doubt they really have it all figured out just because they can't test every scenario.
So, no clue how a vaccine works then either, huh? Wow you do enjoy your ignorance don't you? Pesky facts just get in the damn way of a jolly good rant, no?
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