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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I see your point and agree. My point is the Pats window is also closing, perhaps not as fast as the Broncos with Manning but it's also closing. The question is who will Brady want back? If Welker is his security blanket then I'm thinking he's one of the FAs they bring back. I might be 100% wrong of course. If the Broncos can get Welker and keep their core FAs and beef up the defensive line then great!
They started using Elderman more before he got hurt. He is a FA and also younger. I'm pretty positive BB and Welker don't get along either. Welker was in the doghouse to begin the season according to most people, now he has that playoff drops this year. I don't think he is coming back there at a discounted rate just to be dicked along by BB again.
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