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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
It was different for Bush and his drunken daughters, wasn't it? He was a "real" Christian. Why? Because he agreed with your narrow, troglodyte politics.

Your hypocrite fascist political heroes will sing psalms in church on Sunday and cut lunch programs for poor children on Monday. It stinks to heaven.
The last time I was in a church (except for funerals) was 36 years ago when I was married so I'm not qualified to define what a real Christian is or isn't.

All I see today is how the press is really getting off on the Obama's attending church and how awesome Mrs. O looks in her designer dress and new hairdo. The liberal press is comparing Obama to Dr. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln and the whole world is eating this stuff up.

So I guess it's ok to kick religion out of the schools and all government institutions but keep it as an important part of the Presidential Inauguration..........I see how this works
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