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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
No, but don't you see that shouldn't matter because the federal government had passed legislation to make that a gun-free zone ......... so WTF, how could a gun show up in a gun-free zone? It's just like clips that hold over ten rounds, once the Feds pass a law it will be impossible for them to ever be used by a mad-man again. Federal legislation is a thing of beauty ..........we need more and more and more.
Yeah, the 10 round gun clip isnt going to slow someone down too much. I don't own these type of guns but I figured out that if you want a lot of bullets strafing an area, why not tape two clips butt to butt and when one is out, flip it over and start shooting within 4 seconds. Hell, tape another one to the side and you got 30 shots off and you waste maybe 8 to 10 seconds in between. It is a difference but is it a huge difference?
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