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You're behavior here is that of a self-referential narcissist Mac that lacks any kind of self reflective insight. You live in your own tightly wound fantasy bubble where nothing so close to logic, common sense and the vast majority of more balanced thinking people's perspective could ever penetrate that fixed image of yourself and your world view.vp

Almost the entirety of the OM has recognized you have a whole basket of loose screws rolling around in that noggin of yours, and on just about every subject you have posted on here.

At first I just thought you must be a snotty nose punk troll who gets his jolly's going on websites and deliberately trying to stir the pot by taking the exact opposite view of the majority on whatever the topic and driving it into the ground (people who waste their time and others doing that suffer from another pathological mental state).

However, its clear now you truly are three sheets to the wind deluded! I think I hear the guys in the white suits knocking on your door again, time to run along now so you can play another day...
You're projecting.... How can you possibly make that claim when everything I say comes true? Those 2 things don't line up in anyway.. if anyone is deluded it's everyone here.. as well as everyone who said Tebow wouldn't be successful when given a shot.

Not only that but Peyton and the teams failure proves how great Tebow is.. yet everyone deludes themselves to explain it away... yet I am supposed to be the deluded one? lol People are truly incredible...
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