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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
You don't think the Pats know this? Brady isn't getting any younger. The only way the Broncos get Welker is if they offer him stupid money. Welker is going to stay with the Pats if they make him a fair offer IMHO. Plus, the Broncos have bigger needs to address. The Broncos signing Melton make much more sense IMHO.
You do realize how the Patriots treat their free agents? There is a good chance they won't pay the money that he wants. Kraft is a cheap ass to some of his hard working players. BB and crew always had the idea of reloading with less paid FA or draft picks. Some came because of their winning ways and wanted a piece of it . Problem is lately the Patriots have not been scoring on their draft picks and will possibly start over paying to keep players or to bring them in when they aren't home grown. Interesting to see what they do with not only Welker but the other 22 free agents on their roster. It includes not only Wes but Talib, Edelman and Vollmer.

You want to know what the Pats face if they go the Franchise tag again on him?
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