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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Without rehashing this whole thread, what is your solution? I am totally in favor of gun safety before someone buys their first gun.
How would that be enforced? Ideas?

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn
You add 100k injuries and deaths. Are these accidental injuries and deaths or does your statistic include injuries and death that were because of self defense?
According to the CDC, there were

11,078 firearm homicides in 2010;
19,392 firearm suicides in 2010;
73,505 nonfatal firearm injuries in 2010.

There isn't sufficient data to determine self-defense deaths and injuries from what I could find.

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn
Also, how many of those that were accidental injuries or deaths were from illegal obtained guns? Please provide link.
Since the NRA has forbidden most research into gun violence, because they perceive it as a threat, data are hard to come by.

Obama has changed that. Then we can get the facts and go from there.
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