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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BMarsh615 View Post
That is a pretty routine play that pee wee players can make. He misjudged where the ball was, that is all. It was a fluke.
No, that was not a routine play he simply misjudged. He made all kinds of errors on that play. The biggest was situational, but the technique was terrible as well.

He played it wrong from the snap, failed to keep deeper than the deepest, failed to flip his hips and run when he allowed the WR behind him, and then failed to make a tackle instead of of trying to break up the pass. He did not recover from the first 2 mistakes correctly and he did the exact same thing earlier in the season.

You have to trust your read, which he failed. And then, you have to trust your technique to clean up your mess, which he failed even more dramatically.

There is messing up, and then there is messing up epically. He did the second.
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