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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Are YOU KIDDING ME? You all do not want the most effective slot WR in history to play with Peyton Manning?

WOW! I know this board HATES the patriots, but Welker is the difference in DEN being a great offense and being the potentially Best ever. Welker and Tamme in the slots with Thomas and Decker outside is a Killer group.

If you can get him you do it IMHO. Now, can you do it and keep the CAP? I get not being able to balance the books, but that dude is so damn underrated and Brady's security blanket. Remember Gronkowski was out yesterday and BAL was able to focus on Welker more.

I say get his to DEN if you can

It's a TIGHT window for a SB push. You throw money at Welker, Melton and anyone else who might put you over the hump and massage the cap until Peyton hangs it up.
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