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I also had mixed emotions following the game. On one hand, I am glad the Pats got embarrassed tonight. On the other, I feel the pain of knowing we completely blew an opportunity to get to the SB. Whether or not we would have beat the Pats, idk., but we should have had the chance.

All that said, I feel a lot better now than I did last week. The team that beat us did so by 3pts. and needed a lot of help from the ***hole zebras. Despite that, we had the game won, and we can argue the conservative play calls, but it was breakdowns in the secondary that screwed us in the end(no pun intended),
IMO. That is fixable this offseason.

We got beat by the team that is going to the SB. Tonight's game confirms to me anyway, that we are close. Real close.
I'd be more inclined to agree if having a better shot next year was a halfway sure thing. There are just too many things that can go wrong in a year to feel OK about having pissed away such a golden opportunity. We're not getting any younger next year that's for sure. And other teams don't stand still. You just never know.
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