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Originally Posted by Miss I. View Post
Is it like a giant vibrator? Because it kind of sounds like one. The ad is hysterical when you read it. Advanced Vibration Technology, I think it's awesome they trademarked that. I can't stop laughing. It's so funny. I think with the shake weights, this could be the best workout ever. But its' even better when you see the various supplemental packages...

These three are the ones that made me laugh hardest...
  • Ultimate Personal Massage Package Take massage to a whole new level with your Power Plate! This bonus package includes a heavy duty, triple-zone foam grid massage roller and 3-DVD core workout and self-massage set.
  • Support Cushion Adds a soothing touch of extra comfort to your Power Plate to enhance your self-massage therapy sessions and provide stable cushioning for reclining exercises without sacrificing vibrations!
  • Dampening Mat for my5 Series Helps dampen the vibrations or adjust the intensity of your workouts.
Hey Baja, thanks for the laugh, this advertisement is priceless..I need a good laugh after the last week.
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