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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
Can't say the refs had any part of this Ravens win. They straight up have out played the Pats.
Right. But there is this: Brady/Patsies ALWAY get someBS PI calls , roughing the passer penalties thrown against their opponents. Todays game...none.

You don't have to throw penalty flags or gift the Patsies to throw them off theri game. Just call the game correctly and not give them the advantages they have had so many times, and they fold. I did see a few late hits on Brady that would have been called a few years ago. Not today.

Looks like the league has decided they have had enough of the Patsies and
will not do them any "favors" any more.

Somehow, the Patriots going down has made me feel better about last weeks game. I don't know why....maybe because the NFL is passing the torch to some new teams.

On the Other hand the suck fest media storm that Flacco and Kaepernick
will now enjoy ( along with Club Harbaugh...two coaches that are just plain dislikable) is going to get old REALLY fast...and we may have to endure it for the next 10 years.
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