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Chris Harris

We don't know what would have happened if we played the Pats. If you all don't know by now, it's like Fox said, each of these games has it's own identity and the outcome can be so very different each game. It just depends on how many of your players had a good game or if they made big mistakes. When you get to the top 4 to 6 teams playing in the playoffs, that's what it comes down to. A few bounces go your way, a few calls your way, a few big plays your way and the next thing you know you're moving on and somebody else is going home.

I was pulling for the Falcons. Would have liked to seen Gonzales get his ring.

I don't care who wins it to be honest, if we're out, it makes no difference to me. Just another year we came close but leaving the dance without the prom queen.
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