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No one can throw a ball to the LOS like Brady can. I said years ago the dude will never win another SB, he came close twice and wins alot of games but it might serve him and belly to move on to something new.

I get tired watching their dink and dunk quick break game. When they get behind it is hard to dink and dunk it and come back.

I am glad we have 2 physical teams in the SB. I hope we get more physical on D and in the run game.

One thing for sure, Joe Flacco is a much tougher qb than Brady is. Flacco will stand tough in the pocket just as well as most other qb's. He has as strong an arm as any qb in the league, and his accuracy is very good. Always been underrated. Most people scoff at the notion of him being an elite NFL qb. He don't have the hardware that the real elite NFL qb's have. But he is probably the best qb in the NFL without a Super Bowl ring, but that is likely to change in two weeks.
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