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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Yeah, beat Champ Bailey 3 times deep. I don't know that any QB has ever done that.
Beat Champ twice actually on actual catches for TDs... two other times he got in front of Champ in the first half were incompletes and Smith had little chance to catch those balls.

In the second half he has like 1 catch I think as Champ made adjustments at half and pretty much shut him down.

The second TD to Smith was really good coverage by Champ, it was just a damn good play by Smith on a very well thrown ball where a streaking Smith had to adjust his speed and come back slightly while Champs momentum carried him past.

That happens to every CB mediocre or HOF level in the NFL. Champ definitely had an off first half at the wrong time, but he recovered nicely showing he still is on the ball.,, just a bad half game.
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