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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
I think Wes Welker might be done in New England.

Anybody else notice that the dropped pass of his was eerily similar to his drop last year in the SB?
I agree, I was thinking the same thing, he dropped at least 2 passes for 1st down and got caught from behind after beating his man in the open field, Graham closed fast after getting beat and made the tackle.

Welker is a guy who can rack up the YAC if he gets the ball near or at the LOS but he doesn't seem to be as effective down field. I know him and Belly went at it early this year. I doubt after this he sticks around.

Anyone notice Lloyd wasn't impressive either? No CiDtL today.

Pats need to get big fast young WR's like the rest of the league.

Plus Belly has drafted D the last 2 years and he is not hitting as frequently on talent like he used to. They have no pass rush and they are weak in the middle field like we are. They also got burned in the seams also.

I will enjoy watching them crumble.
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