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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
There is one thing you are missing though.. the game shouldn't even have been close.. if not for Peyton's 3 turnovers you would have blown them out. Peyton was atrocious and he looked like he did't belong on a NFL field... It only bothers me because Elway has you and everyone else snowjobbed. People like Elway shouldn't get away with this crap.

It's funny you are convinced I am Tebow's brother just because I see the same thing. Heck.. if someone as goody two shoes has inside knowledge of what went on and says Elway deserves bad karma it should clue you into what went down and still is going down. How can the media not see this too? Having the Tebow's against you is like the Osmond family having a blood vendetta against you.. you must be a evil bastard.

Did you watch the game? The pick 6 was not his fault. Not Peyton's fault the refs don't throw a PI when Decker got mugged and the ball popped up in the air. The "fumble" should have been ruled incomplete, but once again it was another BS call by the refs. His arm was cocked back for a throw and he brought his arm forward and the ball came out..should be an incompletion everytime. The last int yeah was attrocious, but at that point in the game if any number of bull**** situations didn't happen throughout the game (Fox, refs, horrific D) the Broncos wouldn't have even been in that position.
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