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Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
I'm mixed on this result.

I was rooting for the Ravens....because they beat us and I can't stand the Pats...but all this did for me was reopen the wound from last week. We should have beaten the Ravens....we choked when we should have played our best. That should be us going to Super Bowl.

I feel ill all over again!!!

The Ravens are not better than the Broncos......but, they did beat us, and they are going to the SuperBowl....and I say they will get a ring!
This is EXACTLY how I feel. I hate the Patriots, and will always root against them....yes, even today I wanted the hated Ravens to win, because I DESPISE the Cheatriots.

But part of me feels worse. Denver could've beaten the Pats team that showed up today. The Ravens had that game won the entire 4th just knew they'd win.

On the other hand.......we lost on a fluke Hail Mary......

In other words......the Ratbirds BEAT the Patriots. They got lucky vs. us last week.

My final thought........Flacco is the opposite of Manning. He actually gets BETTER in the postseason. He's earned himself a big contract with the postseason he's had so far.

Congrats Joe.
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