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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
What do you expect? The refs are already doing everything they can to protect Peyton letting his line get away with murder.. and he still can't survive back there. IF you are forced to take all the risks Peyton has to to make up for his deficiencies it's just a matter of time before a call goes against him. This is the playoffs. You aren't going to get the same kind of calls you do in the regular season.

The sport is already soft enough as it is.. Why do you think there are no other old Qbs in the NFL? believe it or not getting old affects you.. your senses diminish.. you fatigue... it's a young mans game with guys playing at the peak of their physical abilities.. especially in this era. Elway was a fool or worse to think Peyton could survive in this era. It wasn't an accident he was out for a year and the Colts let him walk.
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